YouTube on Apple Watch? It is possible thanks to the WatchTube application!

The Apple Watch has never been put forward for watching videos, Apple has always favored the sporty aspect, payments via Apple Pay, nice dials… However, the famous connected watch can also have potential in the field of online videos, a developer has provided access to YouTube from the Apple Watch.

Discover WatchTube

early June, watchOS users can download the application From Fantastic “WatchTube” on the App Store, this application gives you access to all the videos available on YouTube. Developed by Hugo Mason, it highlights several features found in the basic YouTube application:

  • A search function to find the videos you want
  • Playing videos from YouTube
  • Channel subscription
  • The proposed videos
  • Reading history
  • Video captions
  • The ability to like a video
  • Privacy protection

As well as many other features that are already available and that will land in future updates. The developer is confident that WatchTube can make an audience, users who do not have their iPhone within range or who are in spaces where the phone is not recommended. Thanks to WatchTube on watchOS, you will be able to discreetly watch your favorite videos, right from your wrist!

watch tube

Here is what gives a first approach with WatchTube:

When you first enter the app, you are greeted by a list of trending videos on YouTube. This is your feed. As you interact with videos, it will adapt its content accordingly. Everything you interact with is stored on the device for privacy. All curated and generated content displayed in your feed is generated offline on your watch via our algorithm which learns from what you watch, like and who you follow. This feed can be scrolled endlessly as you find more content to watch.

The watchOS application also offers to view the comments of a video and activate the subtitles for a conference without audio.

Our opinion after testing the application for long minutes

We’ll be honest, this app is a gem.
The loadings are short, the videos start immediately and the application is very complete with the display of the date of publication of the video, the number of views…

We greatly appreciated the possibility of zooming in on videos, as the Apple Watch screen is small, having a black band at the top and bottom was a bit of a shame, but fortunately WatchTube offers a full screen when you do a quick double tap.

Attention to a detail, the videos will have no sound if you have deactivated the ringtone of your Apple Watch in order to leave only the vibrations. You will need to re-enable this feature in your Apple Watch’s control center to enjoy audio on WatchTube videos.

Download the free app WatchTube

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