your phone may be infected with Hermit spyware

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Google recently issued an alert to Android and iOS users about spyware in circulation. The software in question would belong to the Italian company RCS Lab, which specializes in communications surveillance.

Software steals private data

The researchers explain that the victims received a link to install suspicious applications capable of spying on the activities of the owners of mobile devices, steal private data (contacts, photos, SMS, etc.),record audio content or to redirect or make telephone calls.

Benoît Sevens and Clément Lecigne, two researchers from Google’s threat analysis group, indicate that one of the spyware programs is currently in circulation. baptized Hermitthis would target the Android and iOS devices used by employees of large companies in Italy and Kazakhstan, reported by Google in a blog post.

Google has reportedly already contacted users of affected Android devices and made changes for all users. For its part, Apple would have taken measures – without specifying – against hackers.

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Authorized software used for purposes contrary to democratic values

The Mountain View firm’s threat analysis group says it monitors nearly 30 companies that provide spyware. Charley Snyder, head of cybersecurity policy at Google, says that while such software is not illegal, it is often ” used by governments for purposes contrary to democratic values: targeting dissidents, journalists, human rights defenders and politicians “.

Following Google’s revelation, SCR Laboratory defended itself by indicating that it exports its products in compliance with national and European rules and regulations, proved that it only sells its products after having received official authorization from the competent authorities. Users are wary of the company’s activities, however. This one would have already collaborated with intelligence services in Pakistan, Chile or Vietnam to collect information on the populations without their knowledge.

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