“You don’t know what you’re doing”: Gareth Southgate taunted after England’s price spanking against Hungary (0-4)

Like what, the France team is not doing so badly. Four matches, two points. This is also the record of England, in this June international window devoted to the League of Nations. But the English did much worse, in proportion to their final snub. On Tuesday, they conceded a historic setback: the Three Lions lost by four goals at home for the first time since 1928.

A defeat against Hungary (0-4) accompanied by a song from the Molineux Stadium, with the obvious target: Gareth Southgate. The reproach: “You don’t know what you’re doing“(“You don’t know what you’re doing”). Accusation that made Jamie Carragher jump, on Twitter. “Shut up, clowns. This manager took the country to the highest level reached since 1966, during two tournaments“said the former Liverpool defender, referring to the 2018 world half and last year’s European final.

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“The results are my responsibility”

Southgate offered a diplomatic response to this harsh criticism, at the microphone of Channel 4 : “I understand the reaction of people in the stadium, but I want to tell them that this group of players has been incredible, for the country. It is important that people continue to support these players, because they will still be very strong in the future.. ” The 51-year-old manager is ready to shield.

I have to deal withcontinue the English coach. It is my job to protect the players, they have been exceptional in their attitude and the results are my responsibility” Harry Kane, captain of this sinking ship on Tuesday, cannot fully clear his group, only trailing 0-1 with 25 minutes remaining: “In the second half, it’s quite unacceptable, after the 2-0, to concede the goals we conceded.”

Harry Kane, captain during this historic setback

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“Now is not the time to panic”

Defense has been the basis of our successes over the past 4-5 years“, recalls the 28-year-old centre-forward. But he also puts these June meetings in their context: “It’s not the time to panic, it’s the time to raise your head (…) At the end of the day, we have to prepare for what will be a great World Cup (at the end of the year in Qatar, editor’s note), this is the main. We learned a lot during this gathering and we will have to learn for the September matches“.

To learn, sometimes you have to try. England went through this case in a painful way. “I tried to find the balance, between seeing new players and sparing the players that we couldn’t solicit all the time, more experienced and better players.details Southgate. In the end, the teams I fielded were not strong enough to achieve results against Hungary (1-0 defeat, in addition to this 0-4, editor’s note). ” He knew that he understood the risks. From there to say that he knows what he is doing?

Raheem Sterling in England’s loss to Hungary, 2022

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