You don’t know Apple if you don’t get at least 7/10 on this quiz

news material You don’t know Apple if you don’t get at least 7/10 on this quiz

Do you think that Apple and its history hold no secrets for you? Do you know who “the two Steves” are and who run the company today? Then this quiz is for you.

Apple is one of the most powerful companies in the world, we don’t teach you anything. The one who created the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod and the MacBook Air also, and above all, has a particularly rich history, made up of ups and downs. Because yes, Apple has not always been the company with insolent success, far from it. It has had its share of failures, as evidenced by the recent article we did on the subject

From the shadow to the light

However, since the end of the 90s, it must be recognized that Apple has had an almost perfect course. A success story largely due to Steve Jobs, who was able to give the Californian company a second lease of life when he became CEO again in 2000. First of all, there was the iMac, this “colorful and all in one” of the famous computer and then of course the iPod. Precursor of what was to become the iPhone, the iPod democratized music for download and on the go, well after the famous “Walkman” from Sony. And then, it must be recognized, it is a model of design and ergonomics, even today.

The iPhone, or the arrival of the Messiah

And, of course, the late 2000s brought the product that would change everything for Apple: the iPhone. Released in 2007, the iPhone is not quite the first smartphone, but has largely contributed to its democratization, in several imposing standards: a larger screen, the fewest buttons possible, a multifunction device that remains simple to use … The whole thing a couple of years before the arrival of the first terminals under Android.

The iPhone was then followed by the iPad, which many initially saw as an “iPhone XXL”. But the tablet quickly found its usefulness, halfway between a phone and a laptop. Today, the iPad has almost become a “pro” product, capable of almost completely replacing a laptop.

Today, Apple is in a “calmer” period, with a good cruising speed and a very wide range of products. Maybe it lacks a bit of innovation, all that, but the offer is there!

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Test your knowledge with our quiz on Apple and its history!

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