WSBK: Jonathan Rea recalls the day Dorna threw him under a bus and it hurt him

It is a revelation that we did not expect from a Jonathan Rea who is obviously just recovering from an injury. She’s not physical, but an event that took place last season impacted her mind. He only talks about it now when the facts were experienced during the round of Magny Cours in 2021. The Kawasaki official regrets that on this occasion, he was as if thrown to the ground by the organizer Dorna at the vindictiveness of the plebs of social networks and, listening, he still harbors a little resentment…

Jonathan Rea suffered from it, and we discover it today because he only talks about it now. This is his intervention with his staff Kawasaki at the finish of the SuperPole race at Magny-Cours, which he had just lost to Toprak Razgatlioglu. But the latter, in the final loop, had bitten on a green part. The pilot Kawasaki asked that this be verified, a complaint filmed and broadcast on the web by the organizer. The Northern Irishman won his case with the Turk’s downgrade, but the price of this satisfaction was a hostile outpouring of his alleged on social networks.

An experience that marked the six-time World Champion. On Todocircuito, we discover his proposals and he begins by recalling the challenges of his profession: “ I saw that Razgatlioglu was in the green, it was clear, and I fight for every point. There’s a world cup at stake, I don’t devote myself to training hard, making sacrifices for my family, volunteering my time and risking my life, anything, just to accept someone taking advantage of a situation. . My team and my factory do not put millions of euros at stake every year in this paddock for me to accept this “, explained the Northern Irishman in reference to what happened at Magny Cours 2021 with Toprak Razgatlioglu.

Jonathan Rea: there were comments like ‘you’re going to die, we know where you live, you’re this or that’, I felt really bad

According Sheavethe way that Dorna handled this situation was not the best: ” Dorna kinda threw me under the bus putting words in my mouth in a video. If it hadn’t come out, it would have been fine. They portrayed me as a real villainand they didn’t really apologize either “, lamented the Kawasaki pilot, then victim of a cabal on the web…

He recounts his ordeal: I was driving home and I took a look at my Instagram account. My buddy had put a post with a generic running quote and there were about 500 comments an hour later… one of them was like ‘you’re going to die, we know where you live, you’re this or that’. I felt really bad », Rea recalls indignantly. “I was fueled by reading all these terrible comments. I’ve always been very lucky with my fans, normally 95% love me and the remaining 5% hated me, but this time it’s the other way around, so I wasn’t in a very good position. “.

Jonathan Rea emphasizes how people go after other people online, whether famous or anonymous, with impunity, and insists that much more needs to be done to educate young people: I think this is something that should not be ignored. It should almost be a school subject, it is a very powerful tool. I can’t complain about social media because I’ve always used it to my advantage. I have sponsors that are really highly anticipated by my social media and there are financial benefits involved, so there are upsides and downsides. But when you’re not in a good position, it’s difficult. I told people in my communication that I was not the monster that people run from me », a conclusion of the pilot Kawasaki on his worst episode with social media since joining WorldSBK.

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