with BA.5 they are more intense, here are the most frequent and their duration


  • What are the symptoms of the BA.5 variant?

  • Omicron wave: how many cases in France?

  • Variant BA 5: is it dangerous? Should we be worried?

  • After infection with Omicron, what immunity?

  • How long are you contagious?

  • What is the incubation period of Omicron?

  • Are vaccines effective against Omicron?

The basics of the Omicron variant (BA1, BA2, BA4, BA5):

  • During the previous wave (this winter), it is the sub-lineage BA.2 of Omicron which had imposed itself in France.

  • Omicron (BA.2) was 30% more contagious than BA.1 itself three times more contagious than Delta.

  • Today, if the BA.2 remains the majority, the detection of BA.4 (3.7%) and especially that of BA.5 (24.2%) is increasing.

  • BA.5 is more contagious and gives rise to more marked symptoms.

  • BA.4/BA.5 cases report a longer duration of clinical signs (7 days versus 4 days for BA.1).

  • The name Omicron comes from Ancient Greek ὂμικρόνit is the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. The last syllable “on” to the same pronunciation than “on / off”.

What are the symptoms of the BA.5 variant?

at the beginning of June, the cases of Covid infection increase in France (and in Europe), raising fears of a wave this summer. Currently, a 30 to 50% increase is observed each week and yesterday, Tuesday June 21, nearly 100,000 new cases were observed in 24 hours. In question ? The progression of the BA.4 and especially BA.5 variants, in a context of relaxation (…)

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