Windows 11, Google Workspace, Dell World…

Every Friday, InfoNews Hebdo covers computer news in video with, in summary this week, an RTM for Windows 11 22H2, sovereignty in Google Workspace, new features at Dell World 2022, and continued cloud growth. Public…

Like every Friday, find Guy Hervier and Jean-François Le Nilias for a decryption of the highlights of the IT news of the week. Their attention was caught by the discrepancies between the progress of the public cloud and the decline of GAFAM values ​​in this troubled period when politics, geopolitics and digital do not always go hand in hand.

Together, they also come back to the upcoming finalization of the first major update of Windows 11, version 22H2, but also to the new 10 billion dollar NSA modernization contract won by AWS at the expense of Azure.

Also on the menu of their exchanges, find announcements from Google around new “sovereignty checks” for its Google Workspace collaborative suite as well as those from Dell which are updating its PowerMax, PowerStore and PowerFlex ranges.


The major update “22H2” of Windows 11 in RTM from the end of May?
Microsoft is making great strides in finalizing the first Windows 11 update, which should strengthen security but also erase some of its youthful flaws.
> The major update “22H2” of Windows 11 soon in RTM?

Dell renews its PowerMax, PowerStore and PowerFlex lines
On the occasion of Dell World 2022 in Las Vegas, the manufacturer renewed its storage ranges by adopting NVMe over TCP but also hybrid scenarios.
> Dell Technologies World – Dell Technologies World 2022 | May 2-5

Google wants to implement “Sovereignty Controls” in Workspace
After client-side encryption, Google wants to infuse some of these compliance and privacy-enhancing controls offered by Google Cloud into its Workspace suite with new “sovereignty controls” that can appeal to European organizations.

The NSA cloud will be well powered by AWS
After a first pass of arms between AWS and Microsoft, the NSA confirms in second analysis the selection of AWS as cloud to support the modernization of its IS. A contract worth 10 billion dollars…

Hard, hard for the GAFA…
The stock market quotations of GAFA take the broth… And Europe continues to multiply the special taxes for these American giants.


The Cloud continues to grow

Purchases of Cloud infrastructure services by companies are still increasing by 34% in the first quarter of 2022. They represent a record amount of more than 53 billion dollars!
> Spending on cloud infrastructure services continues to rise sharply


Paris Cyber ​​Summit 2022

What cyber strategy for the European Union under the French presidency? This is the central theme of this European summit for decision-makers from the public and private sectors. With the probable presence of the Ukrainian Prime Minister and the future new Minister of the French Armies.
> To register: Paris Cyber ​​​​Summit | Digital Transformation | Europe


Goodbye… Speaking Clock!

Orange announced this week the closure of its speaking clock service created in 1933 and then modernized in 1991 to respond to 3699.


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