Windows 11 finally revamps File Explorer, Google Maps includes tolls, this is the recap

Windows 11 will add tabs to its file explorer, Google Maps will reveal the cost of your car trip and Samsung offers to repair your screen for 50 dollars, that’s the recap!

It’s time for the recap of the day June 14, 2022. On the menu today, an operating system that is modernizing, a marketing operation that allows you to repair your smartphone at low cost and the tolls that apply in the most popular guidance application on the planet. Let’s go !

Samsung is launching a campaign to fix your smartphones

At the Apple stage, Samsung allows you to buy spare parts to repair your smartphone yourself. The manufacturer wants to go further and is currently offering to repair your Galaxy S20 or S21 screen for only $50, against more than 200 dollars normally. A promotion that only concerns the United States for the moment, but we can hope to see it land in France one day.

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Windows 11 gives its File Explorer a facelift

File Explorer has been dusted off in Windows 11, but Microsoft wants to go further. The Insiders have indeed discovered a new version of this tool. It offers a lighter left band, with your favorite files highlighted. But what changes everything is the appearance of tabs, just like on a web browser. It will therefore no longer be necessary to juggle between several windows. This innovation should arrive with the big October update.

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Google Maps includes tolls in your route

When you have to drive a car ride, we may not factor the cost of tolls into your budget. An oversight that can weigh on your finances. Google Maps wants to make it happen and now the cost of tolls is shown for each route. Is it worth taking the highway or is it better to take the small roads? Up to you ! This novelty is not yet available in Europe but could arrive in the coming weeks or months.

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