Why have influencers become essential?

A photo of a dreamy beach or a colorful dish served in a gourmet restaurant. A video of a fitness session or a beauty tutorial. For almost 10 years, the dream life of influencers has been displayed on social networks. On Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, we hope to increase the number of their subscribers to establish their notoriety and become an opinion relay capable of influencing consumption habits in different areas: cooking, lifestyle, decoration. , fitness, fashion…

Why does it work?

Almost everything is displayed: her heartache, her illness, her pregnancy. We confide in story, we reveal in “real”. Authenticity (sometimes feigned) very popular with advertisers on the lookout for a relay to embody their product.

According to Statista, four out of five consumers acknowledge having made a purchase following the recommendation of an influencer. 87% of French people prefer online purchases after the health crisis. The French spend an average of 1h46 per day on social networks.

Who are the most followed on the Côte d’Azur?

Due to their breathtaking tourist landscapes, their appeal, their pool of reality TV candidates, the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var are home to many influencers.

Among them, Niçoise Sissy Mua, fitness star with 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram, 1.91 on YouTube and 611 K on TikTok. The engineering school student was first incorporated into makeup tutorials in 2012.

Originally from La Seyne-sur-Mer, Shanna Kress, former candidate for reality TV shows (Les Marseillais on W9, Les Anges on NRJ12) now has 3 million subscribers on Instagram. Installed in the west-Var, she shares her life with the Niçois Jonathan Matijasold footbatheir propassionatel and former reality TV candidate (The Villa of Broken Hearts, The Angels, The Princes and Princesses of Love) with 971 K followers on Instagram.

Released from anonymity in 2015 after appearing on the show Le Mepastry editor on M6, the chinisand from “L’atelier de Roxane” shares her culinary creations, her good humor and her laughter with its 9 million subscribers across all networks.

Third-degree burns on 40% of her body, Julie Bourges, who has just left the Côte d’Azur for Hossegor, opened the “douzefevrier” Instagram account in 2015 (613 K subscribers today), in reference to the date of his accident, in order to catch up with his complexes.

Agencies to negotiate contracts

The business is such that communication and influence marketing agencies are creatednt to coach influencersFrhearts and negotiate contractsats with brands. Shauna Events from Antiboise Magali Berdah is one of the pioneers, with Niçoise Jazz as her first client (4.1 million subscribers, Who wants to marry my son, Les Anges de la téléréalité), big sister of singer Eva (2 million Instagram followers).

How much do they earn?

Their remuneration varies according to their number of subscribers, the commitment of the communities, the social networks used, the number of partnerships, the presence or not of an agent who manages their contracts, the sponsor brands, the themes mentioned. All these parameters will define remuneration ranging from benefits in kind (cosmetics, clothing offered), up to a few hundred thousand euros per month.

The manna is such that many influencers have settled in the United Arab Emirates, famous for its relaxed lifestyle but also its tax facilities.

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