What place for kitchen cabinets in your kitchen makeover in 2022?

The kitchen is generally designed to stand the test of time and to adapt to different constantly changing trends. But adjustments are necessary from time to time in order to stay in step with current trends.

Since the kitchen is an essential part of your home, it is important to give it a style that guarantees you a friendly atmosphere, extends you and inspires you with each passage.

The kitchen cabinets take pride of place in your kitchen decor. As a result, they will certainly be called upon in your kitchen makeover project.

This article presents the current trends this year to guide you in choosing your design.

The different kitchen styles in vogue for 2022

Vintage is making a comeback in kitchens with warm colors for your kitchen cabinets and walls. Antique pieces will bring charm back to your kitchen.

The rustic modern kitchen

It is a combination between the old style and the contemporary style. This decor, which has been appearing more and more in our kitchens for several years now, is still there.

This type of kitchen is created thanks to the harmonious combination of a generally white decor with natural materials in neutral tones. Choose neutral colors (white, taupes, warm grays, etc.) and raw, natural materials (woods with natural hues, natural stone, natural fabrics, etc.).

The secret of this style lies in the right mix of materials chosen for perfect harmony. To do this, you must take into account the external environment when choosing the different components of your decoration (paint, wood species, decorative plants, etc.).

The purpose of this style is to allow the charm of the old days in a modern environment, the characteristics of your decoration must take into account these two aspects.

Opt for a kitchen cabinet paint in soft and deep tones (black, light grey, sage green, dark green, sky blue, etc.). Choose a worktop in raw wood or natural stone. Add some antiques and decorative plants to complete the design of your kitchen.

The rustic kitchen

It is based more on the choice of colors and decorative items that remind you of the old days. For this style, the tones to prioritize are soft or deep green, brown, old pink, etc. Wood species with neutral or opaque hues are more suited to this style. Opt for glazed kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers and shelves, then paired with antique items for decoration to accentuate the vintage look of your kitchen. Add home decor plants for a natural, soothing ambiance.

The American kitchen (open concept kitchen)

It comes in the form of a space open to the living room, allowing communication between the host and his guests. The layout of this type of kitchen would place much more emphasis on the kitchen islands. You can add a dining table for a more convivial atmosphere.

The trend this year brings us to a modern universe with a look at the old days. For a successful redevelopment of your kitchen, once your concept has been identified, do not lose sight of the fashionable inspirations for the choice of the components of your decoration. Emphasize warm colors by adopting, for example, a modern kitchen cabinet two tones (nuance between the colors of the upper and lower cabinets) to enhance the look of your kitchen.

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