What do we know about Mauricette Doyer, who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease a few months after her vaccinations?

Mauricette, assures Marc Doyer, did not suffer from health problems and justified the impression of doing “10 years younger” than his age. She displayed “terrible fishing, no cholesterol, high blood pressure, nothing”, he testified. Can we therefore draw a parallel between the successive injections against Covid-19 and the outbreak of the disease which followed shortly afterwards? The doctors and specialists of Creutzfeldt-Jakob openly display their reservations.

“Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is a very slow incubating disease”pointed out to Release neurologist Jean-Philippe Brandel, neurologist and connoisseur of this condition. “We are closer to ten years than a few days or a few weeks.” And to add that “Vaccination against Covid-19 appears much too recent for us to imagine that it is the cause of the diseases that we diagnose today. This is something that does not seem possible to us.” Specialists point out at the same time that an increase in cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease has not been reported since the start of vaccinations, on the contrary.

Caution is also required regarding the triggering role that the vaccine could have played. Marc Doyer indicated this week that there was “full of cases” where the injection “trigger the diseases that we have in us”. A thesis that no scientific study has yet put forward. Dr. Brandel, faced with the case of Mauricette, calls for empathy: “You have people who are fine and who a month later are dead. It’s so unacceptable, I understand that families are looking for answers”, he slips. This should not lead to hazardous conclusions, since among the very many vaccinated French people, it is logical that some develop “a Creutzfeldt-Jakob, others a flu, others a cancer… The coincidence exists”summarizes the expert.


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