What are the best Lebanese cookbooks?

Lebanon, in its greatness, offers a unique variety of fragrant dishes, delicate tastes and refined dishes, which have been enriched over time with new flavors from elsewhere.

Appreciated all over the world, Lebanese cuisine is famous for its specialties: hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, eggplant caviar, spicy grilled meats, simmered stews, pistachio and rose pastries… But we know less about certain authentic recipes of which each family keeps the secret.

It is this culinary heritage, sometimes revisited and always lightened, that Andrée Maalouf and Karim Haïdar, authors of the bestseller Lebanese cuisine of yesterday and todaysend us around a hundred recipes here: Shrimp falafels, Zaatar salad, Pumpkin kebbés, Rice with saffron, cardamom and rose, Scorpion fish with fennel and arak, Osmallié with milk cream and rose, Sahlab, Squares of baklawa. ..

When the experience of a passionate person meets the art of a chef, it is to make us discover the best of Lebanese cuisine, delicious and easy to make, a real journey to the “land of cedars and honey”.

Andrée Maalouf, 2015, Albin Michel editions

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