voter’s card, selfie, dress … know everything before going to vote

The second round of the presidential election is being held this Sunday, April 24. Before going to vote, France 3 takes stock of the rules and information to know in order to participate in the ballot with complete peace of mind.

That’s it, it’s time to go vote. Can I go there between noon and two? Do I take my identity papers or is the voter’s card enough? By the way, is there still a need for the vaccination pass and the mask? This Sunday, at the dawn of the second round of the presidential election, you may be haunted by a certain number of questions. Fortunately, France 3 tells you everything there is to know about the voting rules.

To begin with, taking your voter’s card will not be enough. It does not constitute an identity document. Moreover, it is not even mandatory to have it with you to go and vote. Take your passport or national identity card with you.

As indicated by several government sites and accounts on social networks, several other documents can also be used to prove your identity. Are thus accepted national identity card, passport, driver’s license, vital card or hunting license. The complete list of accepted documents is available here .

In addition, only ballots printed by the administration will be accepted. On the other hand, there is no need to come with your own envelope: it will not be accepted. If you are not bringing your own ballots, take the two from the table to protect the secrecy of the vote, in addition to the envelope. The envelope will be obligatorily filled in the insulation with only one bulletin.

Regarding schedules, polling stations are open from 8 a.m. and remain open until 7 p.m. The closing time can possibly be pushed back to 8 p.m. by prefectural decree, but this generally only concerns the largest cities in a given department. To find your polling station, simply scan the QR code on your card or go to the site

Moreover, if you are working this Sunday, you can still go and vote. Indeed, the law requires your employer to takeany measure necessary to allow employees to personally exercise their right to vote“. This is a provision mentioned in two articles of the Labor Code, articles L3132-25 and L3132-26-1, canceled by the law of August 6, 2015 for “growth, activity and equal economic opportunity“.

Finally, if you are absent from the municipality where you are registered, you theoretically have until the date of the vote to make your proxy request. But given the deadlines, it is still much more realistic to have taken this step well in advance of the election. Obviously, if you have made a proxy and can finally go and vote, there is no need to cancel it.

Regarding the equipment, the government site is clear: “There is no limit to the freedom of dress of voters, in the usual respect of good morals. The outfit must not, however, obstruct the verification of the voter’s identity.“We will therefore avoid motorcycle helmets and come in underwear.

Another important detail in your clothing choices: the secrecy of the vote. Access to the polling station may in fact be refused to you if you wear a sign that contravenes this constitutional principle.whether it’s a flocked T-shirt”2022“or a scarf”President Lassalle“.

As for animals, they are not prohibited in the polling stations according to the electoral code. It even expressly authorizes them when it comes to guide dogs or service animals. In practice, children are also allowed in polling stations.

In the age of social networks, your “influencer” side can take over and make you want to take a little selfie in the voting booth. Know that you can very well do it, if however you keep your vote secret. However, during the municipal elections in 2014, the Ministry of the Interior advised against this practice: “the mere fact of doing so and a fortiori of publishing it can generate suspicion about the independence of the voter with regard to his vote. Indeed, nothing can guarantee that this publication was not required, in particular by pressure “.

A complete health protocol was drafted at the town halls on March 25, 2022. This document indicates the procedures for prescribing equipment and aeration of the premises, and obliges the offices to provide hydroalcoholic gel or a hand washing point. Surgical masks will also be made available for assessors.

On the other hand, the government did not expressly specify that proof of vaccination or any certificate of recovery or completion of a covid-19 test cannot be required of voters. In addition, wearing a mask is not compulsory, but remains highly recommended for people at risk and contact cases. You may be asked to briefly remove the mask to verify your identity.

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