Vincent Ponsot: “Sometimes criticism affects me”

He’s been in the eye of the storm for some time. While OL have completely missed their season, Vincent Ponsot, the director of football whose outlines are blurred, is the target of repeated criticism on social networks. Considered the right arm of Jean-Michel Aulas, this very discreet legal specialist is suspected, according to some supporters, of having an influence (harmful because accountant) on sports decisions such as recruitment.

“I remain human, and sometimes criticism affects me even though I am not a big fan of social networks. And my expertise is not on football technique. I’ve been at the club for twelve years and I think we’ve done some good things »Vincent Ponsot defends himself, agreeing to a communication problem around his real role and influence. “That my role is not legible, I can conceive it. I can be criticized for not communicating enough, for not explaining my function enough here but today, on a subject to be settled on the men’s first team. The results are not satisfactory, and that is my only objective”he sweeps.

“I have the confidence of my president”

Arrived at the club in 2010 as deputy general manager in charge of human resources, legal affairs and sports administration, Vincent Ponsot has since risen through the ranks, to become OL’s football director in 2020. He is now responsible for developing the club around football-related activities, stating that ” OL a franchise in the United States with OL Reign. Also on one of the partnerships abroad, it is therefore a very broad scope and what gave us this organization. ” The former legal director of the LFP also says ” that criticism does not weigh on me because I have the confidence of my president “: ” We have a working comfort because there is an osmosis between people “, he assures.
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