Vietnamese cuisine seduces French guests

The Vietnam Food Festival 2022 was organized on June 18 at Place Monge in the 5e district of Paris, by the Vietnamese Association in France (UGVF) in collaboration with Foyer Vietnam. This is the second edition, and the event is part of the activities of the “Ici Vietnam Festival” to present to the public in French the typical culture of Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s ambassador to France, Dinh Toàn Thang and the mayor of 5e district, Florence Berthout, gives the opening speech of the festival.

With the aim of promoting and introducing local inhabitants to Vietnamese cuisine, from street food to restaurant food, this gastronomic festival brought together 26 Vietnamese associations, organizations, companies and restaurants in France such as Foyer Vietnam, Bà Nôi, Ngoc Xuyên, Thanh Binh Jeune, Trà Art, France Plumfoot….

The dishes and drinks typical of the regions of Vietnam such as pho bo (beef rice noodle soup), nem (spring rolls), Ban my, sugar cane juice, tea, coffee… have provided a large number of local gourmands. In addition, guests were able to watch dance performances by artists of Vietnamese origin in a contemporary style, as well as folk games such as shuttlecock. They were also able to consult books by Franco-Vietnamese authors. All this in a lively and festive atmosphere during this hot summer day.

Considering himself during the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang encouraged the idea and organization of the “Ici Vietnam Festival”. An event demonstrating the dynamism and creativity of the associative movement in France in general and of the UGVF in particular. This festival is part of the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations and the 10 years of strategic partnership between the two countries, Vietnam and France.

A booth at Food Vietnam Festival 2022.

For her part, the mayor of 5e arrondissement of Paris, Florence Berthout, said that for many years, she and the local authorities have always supported the cultural events of the Vietnamese community. She said that Vietnam has many cultural assets, including cuisine, which interests many French people.

During the festival, customers expressed their love for Vietnamese cuisine. Mr. Michel, a local resident, said that “as usual, the Vietnamese dishes are delicious, and beautifully presented. With a lot of choice of vegetables, spices… I particularly like the spring rolls“. Mr. Michel is not the only one who loves Vietnamese spring rolls. Many people love them, in addition to other typical dishes of the country such as banh mithe Pho, the Bo Bun

Mr. Benjamin Isare, deputy mayor of 5e arrondissement of Paris, expressed his satisfaction at seeing a large number of guests come to the festival. He commented: “Even though it was very hot, the festival still created a large number of guests, which proves the appeal of Vietnamese cuisine and we are delighted“.

Festival Food Vietnam 2022 attracts a large number of diners.

On the sponsor side, Jean-Christophe Mercier, Vice President of Vinfast Europe, said that Vinfast is honored to sponsor the event because in addition to introducing Vietnamese culinary culture, it is also an opportunity to introduce Vinfast and its electric car on the French market.

The idea of ​​the “Ici Festival Vietnam” was born from a group of young French people of Vietnamese origin who wanted to organize multidisciplinary events around cinema, arts and cuisine to introduce the French to Vietnamese cultural specificities.

The idea has been jointly supported and organized by the UGVF and Foyer Vietnam since 2018. According to Jérôme Tham Vo My, member of the Organizing Committee, this year, the Vietnam Food Festival is a continuation of the first edition, held in 2021. successfully thanks to the participation of more than 3,000 visitors. “The idea of ​​this year is to discover the Vietnamese culinary culture, not only the tradition, but also the creativity of the Vietnamese of France.“.

Text and photos: Thu Ha NGUYEN/CVN


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