VIDEO. United States: Snapchat targeted by families of fentanyl overdose victims

Families of teenagers who died after consuming adulterated drugs purchased via Snapchat or other social networks asked these platforms on Monday to act against this scourge. “I am here to warn people about the dangers of social networks through which drugs and other crimes come into our lives, through our children”, explains Sam Chapman, who came to manifest in front of the headquarters of Snapchat, an application of sharing of very taken videos and photos of the young people, in Santa Monica.

His son Sammy died in February 2021 of poisoning with fentanyl, an extremely powerful and addictive opiate which he was unaware of was present in the counterfeit pill he had obtained on Snapchat. The young man should have celebrated his 18th birthday last weekend.

The teenager revealed himself in his room on a Sunday evening, watching the final of the American football championship. “About an hour after we fed him, we found him dead on the ground in a characteristic posture,” said Mr Chapman, 57. “He had stopped breathing, had fallen backwards from his chair and choked on his own vomit”, a situation unfortunately very common among young people who thought they were using recreational drugs but who unknowingly ingested fentanyl, he says.

Of the 107,000 overdose deaths called last year in the United States, 70% were caused by “fentanyl poisoning”, the leading cause of now for Americans aged 18 to 45, indicating associations with the origin of this event.

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