VIDEO – Storms: torrential rain, hail… The Saône-et-Loire and the Cher swept away by bad weather

The episode was brief… but very intense. Tuesday, June 21, day of music festival and official arrival of summer, the inhabitants of the center and the East of France spent an eventful end of the day. And for good reason, in Saône-et-Loire, several municipalities were affected by violent hailstorms. The latter, as big as golf balls, have “destroys most cars” stationed in the town of Digoin, said Mayor David Bême, on LCI, this Wednesday.

“It was a hailstorm of incredible violence that hit the city. It was hail the size of a golf ball. The episode was quite brief, it lasted a ten minutes. The whole city was flooded, the whole city was turned upside down. The inhabitants are traumatized, for those who were in their vehicle. There is a lot of damage “explained the city councilor on LCI.

According to Météo-France, these storms are due to “the presence of a cold drop that is not very mobile at altitude, driving a flow from the southwest, and air that is still warm”. As of Tuesday afternoon, several dozen departments were on orange alert for the risk of thunderstorms which, according to forecasters, were to be “short duration, with strong gusts of wind, sometimes even hail”.


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