Victoria Beckham atomized despite herself… All because of her son Brooklyn!

It’s not always easy to be “Son of”. It is not Brooklyn Beckham who says the opposite! On a daily basis, we can say that the darling of Nicola Peltz is a versatile artist. After football and photography, the main interested party decided to inspire his admirers with his revisited cooking recipes. On the Web, the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham enjoys hosting his show called “Cookin With Brooklyn” daily. And Internet users are always there when he posts something.

To carry this project, the ex-boyfriend of Chloë Grace Moretz would have provided the support of 62 professionals. Just that ! UN “food producer” would have steered him enormously as to his dishes. Supported by nine producers and five executives, Brooklyn Beckham was sure to make the buzz! And that’s not all. The principal concerned would also be entitled to a budget of 100,000 dollars to shoot an episode according to our colleagues from Gala.

“Brooklyn does whatever her parents tell her to do…”

“It’s the kind of team you can find for big TV shows”, confirmed an insider. However, countless cooks (starred or not) wonder about it. For them, Brooklyn Beckham is not called talented. But they are aware that his last name has gained from the success of his show! Taken aback, some assure that the big brother of Harper Seven would not always cook his meals himself.

“He is to the kitchen what his mother was to the song”, we learn. A completely different source close to the Beckham clan agreed to lift the veil on the budding cook: “Brooklyn does whatever his parents tell him to do. It was family friend Gordon Ramsay who asked them to put a lot of money into this show”. The famous TV host Ulrika Johnsson did not hesitate to tackle Brooklyn and her entourage: “ I’m thinking of all my chef friends who deserve their place in the media spotlight. It’s a case of nepotism and no wonder it has bred frustration and jealousy.” Vibe…


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