Unusual: he brings back a whole melon during the philosophy baccalaureate and becomes a star of social networks

A supervisor commented on the slightest actions of a student who brought back a whole melon as a snack during his philosophy test.

A student armed himself with a good big snack to stay in shape during the 4 hours of the philosophy test, Wednesday, June 15. And thanks to a supervisor who commented on all his actions on social networks, “the pupil with the melon” became famous.

“So I thought I had seen everything for the bac surveillance, but the candidate who puts a complete melon on the table at the start of the test is a first”, was published in the preamble on Twitter. “No, but how is he going to eat it? The thing is not cut or anything. These 4 hours are going to be more interesting than I would have thought”, continues the supervisor in a hilarious thread which will be shared and liked by tens of thousands of people.

So I thought I had seen everything for the bac surveillance, but the candidate who puts a whole melon on his table at the start of the test is a first.

– Denis Colombi (@Uneheuredepeine) June 15, 2022

“That’s it! He’s cutting!”

The smallest facts and gestures of the student will be commented on live. It is with a disposable wooden knife that the high school student will attack his melon during the test. “What do I do if the contestant draws a face on it and starts talking to it by calling it Wilson?”

The minutes passed, and the suspense seemed unbearable according to the wire of the supervisor. Was the student going to eat his melon… and how? “That’s it! It cut!”, we see published at 9:26. “He has a little handkerchief to soak up the little drops of juice. We are living in a historic moment ladies and gentlemen. You cannot imagine my efforts in terms of pokerface”.


– Denis Colombi (@Uneheuredepeine) June 15, 2022

The small wooden knife was enough to cut the slices. This episode will have had enough to occupy the supervisor, who does not hesitate to point out how boring it can be to watch the candidates for 4 hours. It wasn’t the hours that flashed before his eyes, but the slices of melon. “He has two and a half hours left of the test. Will he be able to eat all the melon by then?”

Me too, I would not have believed that the small wooden knife would be enough, but it was. How to trust the students.

– Denis Colombi (@Uneheuredepeine) June 15, 2022

Eventually, the “melon saga” ended when the student returned his paper that he “came out like a prince” with the leftovers in his hands.

The cutting technique is admirable. It leaves the pips inside. Frankly, that will be the test I would give him 20/20 direct.

– Denis Colombi (@Uneheuredepeine) June 15, 2022

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