United States: a cult would have infiltrated Google, according to a dismissed employee

On June 16, a former Google employee since one of Google’s divisions was allegedly infiltrated by a cult known as “The Community of Friends.”

A chilling testimony corroborated by several collaborators. Kevin Floyd, formerly employed as a producer at Google Developer Video, says he was fired following a startling discovery: “I was fired from my team there in February 2021 because I sounded the alarm about a section within Google, a group called Fellowship of Friends (the community of friends, editor’s note)”, can we read in his testimony entirely written on Medium.

The producer continued his story by accusing 12 of the department’s 25 employees – including the manager – of being among the cult’s followers. According to his testimony, “members of the dominating sect [l’]former team at Google”, and “use favoritism and cronyism”.

The expenses of the sect financed by funds from Google?

In addition to the abusive placements in positions of power, Kevin Floyd also mentioned the existence of “Grant Marie”, a wine cellar belonging to the sectarian organization.

Problem, this cellar was one of the suppliers of Google Developer Video during several events including Google I/O: “The invoices that I could see problematic that we buy there hundreds of thousands of dollars [de vin] every year”, he developed.

Questioned, the box claimed to have had no knowledge of these elements: “It is against the law to ask for the religious affiliation of those who work for us or for our suppliers”.

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The company also said a review would take place to thoroughly examine these allegations, in order to “detect any irregularities or improper contractual practices”: “If we have identified evidence of violations of the policy, we take action”, followed the group.

Since its founding in 1970, The Community of Friends has been a cult that has already been the subject of much controversy, including accusations of human trafficking. Its chief guru Robert Earl Burton has been the target of several complaints of sexual abuse, in particular of minor adolescents.

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