ultra-rare Steve Jobs check auctioned for $25,000

Three particularly rare items relating to Apple have just been auctioned by RR Auction in Boston. There is a Steve Jobs autographed copy of a Time Magazine cover, a working Apple-1 and a check for $9.18, signed by Steve Jobs himself. Everything is revealed at 500,000 dollars, minimum.

The Steve Jobs check in question © RR Auction

Apple’s vintage products are sometimes resold at a very high price. Not long ago, an Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs sold for $787,484 at auction, for example. Today, a new batch of collectibles belonging to the Cupertino firm went up for auction in Boston, this time as part of the collection Remarkable rarities by RR Auction. One of the items in this collection is a particularly remarkable check since it carries both steve jobs signature and a letterhead mentioning the Apple Computer Company. It is dated July 23, 1976the year of the creation of Apple.

A check for $9.18 signed by Steve Jobs himself

The check uses Apple’s first official address, located at 770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154 Palo Alto. This address is well known, since it is the famous garage of the Jobs family, where it all started for the company, 46 years ago. The check should sell for at least $25,000. In a exceptional condition According to RR Auction, the $9.18 check is encapsulated in PSA and DNA authentication media.

The auction also includes a working Apple-1 computer, hand numbered by Steve Jobs. The computer, from the collection of personal computing pioneer Roger Wagner, is sold with all the components and accessories necessary for its operation. It is listed as #12 on the Apple-1 registry. The reporter computer is expected more than $450,000. At the beginning of May, remember that an extremely rare Apple I signed by Steve Wozniak was for sale on eBay for 400,000 euros.

Finally, the auction includes a cover autographed by Jobs from the February 1982 issue of Time Magazine. This should sell for the same price as the check, which is $25,000. All three auctions end on June 23. In 2020, sketches of the Apple II drawn by Steve Wozniak also sold for $630,272 at auction.

Source: RR Auctions

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