UFC 274- Charles Oliveira misses the weight and loses the lightweight title!

MMA – Huge shock at UFC 274 weigh-in: Charles Oliveira missed the weight. He will be stripped of his lightweight title.

For the first time in UFC history, a defending champion failed to cut the necessary weight and make the necessary Championship weight. Charles Oliveira, lightweight champion, appeared on the scales last Friday during the weigh-in on the eve of UFC 274. Weighing initially 70.7kg, then 70.3kg, he did not reach the 70kg mark on his second attempt. After his failure, Oliveira had been given an extra hour to try to lose the remaining 300 grams. Unsuccessful: As a reminder, title matches do not allow the extra 0.5 pounds (300 grams) of other matches.

This failure is a real disaster for Charles Oliveira, as confirmed by journalist Aaron Bronsteter. Even if “Do Bronx” came back to win his match against Justin Gaethje (who made the weight), he would have forfeited his lightweight title. Only Gaethje can win the belt if they win. Any other scenario will see the lightweight title vacated. A first in the history of the UFC and a real shock for Oliveira, who had overcome so many tests to reach the belt. The Brazilian also seemed surprised at the first reading of his weight on the scale. Worse: shortly before the weigh-in, he had posted this on Twitter:


Obviously, Charles Oliveira believed so hard as iron that he would suffer the weight. Michael Chandler, son former opponent, signified his solidarity with the now ex-lightweight champion. Justin Gaethje, he was rather mocked via instagram.

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