two women appear in false transphobic rumors case

Two women will face justice from this Wednesday, June 15, 2022 for having hinted on social networks that Brigitte Macron would be a trans woman. This Wednesday will be held the first hearing on the civil aspect of the case at the Paris court. Another trial, on the criminal side, will take place later.

The two women answering the judges’ questions are a medium and a freelance journalist. Several months ago, messages were published on social networks claiming that the head of state’s wife was a trans woman and that her birth name was Jean-Michel. The hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux had then caused a lot of ink to flow, between conspiracy and jokes in bad taste.

Guest of RTL on Friday January 14, Brigitte Macron explained that she had initially “looked at it from a little far away”, before “realizing that they were upsetting [sa] genealogy”. “They had changed my family tree”, she recalls. “Three quarters of the family was good, and we get to my parents, and I am my brother. There, we touch on the genealogy of my parents. It’s impossible,” she says.

It took me 5 and a half days to have these contents deleted

Bridget Macron.

She was pointing like this three levels of responsibility. “The first level are the transmitters (…) Then there are those who relay and amplify. And then there are the hosts”, explained the first lady. “If I do nothing when I have been fighting harassment for four years, I am not audible. They will say to me: ‘You are not doing anything’. It took me 5 and a half days to have this content removed , with a lawyer experienced in the exercise. It’s too complicated, “she lamented.

The woman who defines herself as an independent journalist had raised the subject in an article published in mid-October in a far-right magazine before igniting social networks and in particular YouTube. Brigitte Macron’s three children as well as his brother, Jean-Michel Trogneuxaccompanies Brigitte Macron in this legal fight for invasion of privacy, personality rights and violation of image rights.

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