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Tinder helps 18-25 year olds find summer jobs

In collaboration with the Government Information Service, Tinder is launching a new campaign to help its users in France aged 18 to 25 find summer jobs via the government platform 1jeune1solution.

From June 9 to July 31, 2022, all Tinder members in France aged 18 to 25 will see several Swipe Cards appear in the application which will direct them directly to the 1jeune1solution platform initiated by the HC3E, where they can find a set of corresponding summer job offers. Launched by the French Government in 2020, this platform aims to offer each young person a solution for the future: employment, internship, training, Civic Service mission, etc.

As summer approaches, this initiative, which has already helped more than 6 million young people in their search for job offers, internships or work-study contracts, centralizes thousands of seasonal job offers in various sectors: hotels, restaurants, home help, etc.

After two years of health crisis having particularly affected the youngest, the most popular application for dating hopes that with this campaign, it can help its members aged 18 to 25 to find a job this summer in order to realize an enriching professional experience and discover new opportunities for the future. This collaboration is part of a government system that works with all actors in society, businesses, local actors, platforms, the media and the association to act as relays and thereby amplify the visibility tools deployed by the state.

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