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Snapchat offers Pixy: its drone that takes photos and videos

Snapchat is a pioneering application in photo/video communication. Subsequently, filters and Lenses became his trademark. Today, the application that has attracted more than 25 million monthly users in France is continuing its development with a brand new tool: Pixy, an intuitive flying camera. Tenant in the pocket and able to fly on its own, it allows you to immortalize any moment.

In addition to being a practical and intuitive drone, just press a button and Pixy flies in four predefined directions. It can hover, hover or follow its users without them having to do anything. In addition, the drone returns alone in the hand of its user when its flight is over.

In-flight videos are wirelessly masked and saved to the user’s Snapchat account. It is then possible to use the editing tools of Snapchat, but also Lenses and Sounds, to personalize the recordings.

With just a few clicks, you can crop to portrait mode and apply quick automatic edits like Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut. You can then share them in chat, in stories, on Spotlight or any other platform “, declares the platform in a press release.

The Pixy drone is already available for purchase in France and the United States at a price of 249.99 euros. Two packs are currently available: a simple pack at 249.99 euros containing the Pixy drone, a bumper, a carrying strap, a rechargeable battery and its cable; and a pack containing the original pack, plus two additional rechargeable batteries for 274.99 euros.

However, the platform does not fail to specify that each user must consult the laws and other regulations in force in France or the United States, before taking off their new drone.

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