Trebeurden. The JOA café-resto opens this Friday evening in Tresmeur

At Joa, everyone has their own height: benches and coffee tables, stools and high tables or chairs and tables. ©MJ Mignot

A Trebeurden, Marin Bénis and Thibault L’Yvonnet open this Friday evening the JOA cafe-resto, in Tresmeur, which succeeds the Bar Gettes. DJ Rivno will host the evening.

We recruited buddies and cousins ​​for work and service. The two partners already have ideas for future entertainment: karaoke, musical theme evenings (Brazil, etc.).

Guinguette and boules alley

The two parent friends on the nice weather. Benches, high tables, low tables encourage people to stay outside.

The huge terrace goes around the walls and leads to the “joardin”, a shaded garden, where the furniture, odds and ends, deck chairs and hammocks invite you to relax.

A bowling alleynewly renovated, and a land of pallets wait for the players. “The guinguette spirit must attract young and old alike,” hopes Marin Bénis. In twos, fours or in bands, customers will find their place.

Large friendly tables were fabricated from scratch for groups. Customers help themselves to the “little joa” or the “big joa” inside. Jules is a bartender and server.

100% homemade cooking

Victor is the title cook. He trained at Bossuet and already has ten years of experience behind him. He will be assisted by Simon. “A simple cuisine: open sandwiches, tortillas, potato wedges, yakitori skewers,” announces Victor as he cooks the naans (breads) that accompany the mezes.

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» Everything is homemade and the vegetables come from the vegetable garden factory. » A unique dish is served on Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.

The Joa will persist beyond the season. The two competent friends continue the adventure at least until December 31, 2022.

Balls, palets or idleness at
Balls, pucks or idleness at “joardin”. ©MJ Mignot

Open in season, from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., every day. And on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12 p.m.

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