Training in fern cooking

The six trainees participating in the Cuisine Fougeraise training, accompanied by partner restaurateurs. ©The Republican Chronicle

the June 17 began a rather special training within the adult training service, the Greta-CFA is Brittany.

This establishment, which has a long experience in the catering sector hosted a fortnight ago six interns of employment center to start the fougeraise cooking training.

Respond to the recruitment problem

This training is funded by the Brittany Regional Council and the employment center in the program Qualif’ Experimental Employment.

The purpose of this training is to “respond to the many problems that restoration encounters today and in this case, the recruitment ” explains Pierre Bréant (in charge of Greta) before adding: “It also allows trainees to obtain in just one year a Level 3 Cooking professional title equivalent to a CAP”.

Equivalent to a CAP

For almost a year, the trainees will be supervised by David Caillon, the referent trainer.

As for a CAP, this professional cook-crepe maker will teach them the 25 recipes to know to validate the title. A reason for one day out of two practical works.

The short circuit partially complete

“Cuisine Fougeraise training is also an opportunity to join forces with our local producers and restaurateurs”,

David Caillon

He adds: “We are only at the beginning, but the long-term objective is for the trainees to handle only products from circuit court. »

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Immersion in local restaurants

The six interns were recruited following a professional meetings organized at the Pôle emploi de Fougères but also an immersion in one of the partner restaurants. Originally, ten candidates had presented themselves. To be eligible, you must be in job search. For those over 26, being registered as a job seeker with the Pôle Emploi is essential, whatever the category.

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