Towards connected and autonomous vegetable gardens in your kitchen, between the oven and the multifunction robot

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s hard to assess La Grangette’s stand at the Viva Technology show in Paris. For its creator Thibaut Pradier, “the idea is to have an indoor vegetable garden for all kitchens within five years”. With La Grangette, anyone will be able to grow a multitude of fresh plants and herbs at home, in their kitchen, effortlessly, all year round.

For the moment, the model presented to the public remains a prototype, even if Thibault Pradier is particularly proud of it: “we’ve been working on it for 5 years. We created this magnificent vegetable garden, which is a bit like the Mona Lisa of vegetable gardens You won’t find it on the market, it’s only a functional display product.” La Grangette is indeed in talks with major household appliance manufacturers in order to release a first model by 2024. Its size should then be comparable to that of a built-in oven. LG has already started selling indoor vegetable gardens in South Korea and today all manufacturers want to do the same, as has already been the case with wine cellars for example.

The startup will then sell the consumable, namely small capsules with their grain and their substrate, all without the slightest trace of pesticides or herbicides. On the same principle as famous coffee capsules, the user will be able to choose the different types of plants that interest him at the supermarket. And as with coffee, these seeds absolutely cannot be grown in any other environment!

La Grangette promises dozens of varieties of plants, from the best known (spinach, Batavia, arugula, mint, sage, etc.) to the rarest (Japanese lavender, Greek basil, etc.). In any case, Thibault Pradier affirms it: “the plant is not stressed”. The concept of La Grangette recreates the ideal climate, in terms of humidity and light, to grow all these types of plants.

The vegetable garden is also and above all entirely autonomous. It just requires a water supply, at the stage of a washing machine or dishwashing machine and the integration of organic and mineral nutrients. He also benefits from a dedicated application, which not only allows him to know in real time what may or may not be recalled, but also to program the growth of certain plants according to his agenda and upcoming dinners, for example.

The general public will be able to discover the concept of La Grangette at Viva Tech this Saturday, June 18, 2022.

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