Total War: Warhammer III will cross swords on Mac Apple Silicon on May 5

Total War: Warhammer III joins the small list of games optimized for the Apple Silicon architecture. Released on PC in February, the strategy game only took three months to arrive on Mac, a remarkable performance. As often, Feral carried out the porting.

Total War: Warhammer III was very well received by the specialized press, which motivated a marvelous campaign, a very useful prologue for neophytes, well thought out multiplayer and a gameplay varied that mixes turn-based and real-time clashes.

Feral announces a release on Mac on May 5, but Steam presents it as already compatible with the platform. It is sold for €59.99. Be careful before going to checkout, this third opus is exclusively compatible with Apple Silicon Macs and requires 125 GB of storage. Feral hints that a Mac Intel version might be released, but there is no further information at this stage.


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