“Tornado” omelette, bo lo bao… This new restaurant in Rouen makes us rediscover Asian cuisine

At the head of Together, Hon Pong Chan and Jasmine Ng want you to discover Asian cuisine, and in particular Hong Kong. (©JBM / 76news)

You will have to forget your bearings. The starter-dish-cheese-dessert, at Ensemble (Asian fusion cuisine), there will be no question. Open without fanfare in the rue Beauvoisine de Rouen (Seine Maritime) on April 22, 2022, the little restaurant which does not look like much is, however, when you enter it, an invitation to travel.

“In Hong Kong, people love to eat”

At the head of it, Hon Pong Chan and Jasmine Ng, both in the kitchen and in the management of the place. He was born in Hong Kong, the son of cooks who, when he was ten, came to open an Asian restaurant in Verdun. After his studies, he cooked with them a little, helped them manage their establishment, and finally learned a lot. Later, he will work in import-export, a job leading him to go a lot in Hong Kong where he still has family (in the restaurant business). Passionate about food, he takes advantage of his many trips there to learn everything about this cuisine known in France but very dynamic there: “In Hong Kong, people love to eat. You can queue for three hours to test a new brioche. His wife, Jasmine Ng, is also an avid cook. She only arrived in France in 2022, following her husband in the opening of this restaurant.

Both invented a menu, “starting from what we like to eat”, explains Hon Pong Chan. On the typically Hong Kong side, you have to taste the bo lo bao, “which you surely consider as desserts”. However, “in Hong Kong, you can eat five or six times a day, without really giving any specific place to sweet or savory”. Thus, this little brioche with such a special texture, crispy on top, melting inside, and to be spread with a kind of sweetened milk cream, will surprise you.

French toast with beef

In the Hong Kong street-food category, you will also have to overcome your preconceived ideas to be able to savor the French toast with beef and satay sauce — “people who tasted it were surprised and loved it”, the chefs promise — or even the shrimp toast. As for ramen noodles, they are already well known to lovers of Asian cuisine.

Specialty of the place, “the tornado omurice”, a turned omelet, of rather Japanese origin, but which the couple accompanies with salty tomato rice and a sauce of their choice, some of which draw their influence from “flavors of childhood” of the cook. Thus, we recommend the “typical Hong Kong sauce”, a subtle sweet and salty taste, of infinite sweetness.

here is a
Here is an “omelet tornado”. Call it omurice. (©JBM / 76news)

The menu is currently quite short, but the couple has lots of ideas and “hope to be able to develop it little by little” to one of a Hong Kong cuisine (especially street food) in perpetual evolution.

Together will also soon offer delivery, via Uber Eats and Deliveroo, except for the bo lo bao, which will be consumed quickly after cooking. “At the moment, we prepare a given number each morning for the day, depending on demand. To taste them in optimal conditions, you have to come around noon. »

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As for the prices, count 4 euros for a bo lo bao, between 5 and 6 euros for a street food dish, around ten euros for a hearty plate of tornado omurice.

Practical information :
Together, at 118 rue Beauvoisine
Open every day except Tuesday, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Contact: 02 35 00 89 76

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