Top of the most searched boy names on Google

To find the first name of your future child, you can draw inspiration from mythology, from family members, but also on the Internet! To help you, Semrush, a digital marketing company, has revealed the ranking of the most searched boy names in 2020. If we know the most popular first nameshere we are discovering today, those who have been the most Google.

What are the most searched boy names on Google in 2020?

  1. juleswith 307286 monthly average searches.
  2. arthur108143
  3. Oscar68714
  4. Leo66836
  5. Jeans57250
  6. Paul51736
  7. Nat51521
  8. Ali39257
  9. pablo36714
  10. William34750
  11. Logan29879
  12. Adam27779
  13. Esteban27264
  14. Diego24829
  15. To M24029
  16. robin24029
  17. Nolan23571
  18. Simon19857
  19. Milo18907
  20. Thomas18714

What name to give to her boy?

INSEE revealed in 2020 that the most given name for a boy was Leo. However, in this ranking, the most sought after is Jules. In 2021, it was Gabriel who pulled out of the game. So-called classic first names are increasingly popular with parents. These are sure values, which we come across in maternity wards. Easy to remember, to write, to pronounce… They seduce French parents.

How to choose a first name for your boy?

Choosing the name of your child can be a real challenge. However, it is a unique moment for the parents, who will draw up a list, debate, consult each other, until they find the rare pearl, the first name that their future son will bear. Some choose not to reveal it to the loved one until the last moment, while others love to shout it from the rooftops. To select a first name, you can base yourself on its etymology, what it evokes to you, the people who bore it, but also the sound, the length, the melody when it is pronounced… many factors that influence our tastes and that lead us to choose it or not.

On BIBA, you can find out which first names are prohibited, which ones you cannot give to your child.

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