Top Declarations: the turmoil of the Gueye affair, Molina takes over Mbappé’s mother, Messi’s meadow thinks back to Bara…

The very controversial Gueye affair, Molina asks for Mbappé’s mother to stop comedyMessi’s meadow speaks of a return to Bara, Verratti’s remarks do not pass through Rothen, Galtier mercilessly with Ltang… Discover the shock phrases of the week.

According to several sources, Gueye has gone up against his club since the controversy.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten declarations of the week that should not be missed. Serious and at least serious to know the best of the small phrases of football players. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines of the press this week.

1. Jérôme Rothen on Idrissa Gueye – If one day a Gueye teammate has come out, will he refuse to give him a pass? He’s going to refuse to take a shower with him? But where are we going? This club is a mop. There is no one to wear their ‘cojones’ and tell us that this is not normal. (…) You have to force him to play. Period. (CMR, 05/16/2022)

Last Saturday Montpellier, Gueye remained in the stands after refusing to play with rainbow flocking during the day against homophobia. For religious reasons according to Le Parisien, and that was all it took to trigger a polemical norm…

2. Romain Molina the mother of Kylian Mbappé, Fayza Lamari – Commedia dell’Arte! The choice is already made. Stop the comedy… (Twitter, 05/20/2022)

Many are now announcing that Mbapp will extend Paris. His mother, Fayza Lamari, denied, recalling that her son had an agreement with PSG and Real Madrid, but that the final decision would be up to him. And Molina obviously appreciated more honesty…

3.Jorge Messi- I hope Leo will come back to Bara one day, yes. (El Chiringuito, 05/15/2022)

If a return of Messi would please me? Yes of course, replied Blaugrana President Joan Laporta. Despite everything, La Pulga should stay at PSG next season.

4. Jerome Rothen on Marco Verratti – I don’t understand his reaction. He is in a bubble, like the whole club. They are disconnected from reality. When I hear Marco talking like that, I tell him: ‘Go away! It does not matter’. (CMR, 18/05/2022)

Fan boycott? Verratti doesn’t understand, and Rothen doesn’t understand Verratti. It’s as simple as that !

5. Christophe Galtier on Olivier Ltang – He doesn’t give a damn about the institution. All northerners should know that. He only thinks his face. (The Voice of the North, 05/17/2022)

When Galtier left Lille last summer after offering LOSC the Ligue 1 title, his ex-president asked for Nice transfer compensation, and the former Les Dogues coach still can’t digest…

6. Thierry Henry on Mauricio Pochettino – Coaching in handcuffs is not easy. (Premium Video, 05/14/2022)

Coach at PSG, a job that does not make you dream?

7. Partners of the Girondins de Bordeaux on Gérard Lopez – You participated greatly in this collective shipwreck of the Girondins. This ship sank slowly under your averted eyes and our bewildered ones. Your absence at all levels, on the media scene, in the stands, in the center of Haillan, but especially with the players in difficult or decisive moments is inexcusable. (The team, 05/15/2022)

The Bordeaux president is expensive. reason ?

8. Granite Xhaka – If a player wasn’t ready for that game, he just had to stay home. It’s not a question of age. If you’re too nervous, stay on the bench or at home! We need players who have the balls to play. (Sky Sports, 05/16/2022)

Beaten by Newcastle, Arsenal has probably given up on the Champions League. And Xhaka on some teammates.

9. Merseyside Police – Merseyside Police are investigating an altercation which took place at Goodison Park following the Everton v Crystal Palace game on Thursday May 19. We are working with Everton FC to collect all available CCTV footage and are speaking to witnesses. (Press release of 20/05/2022)

The altercation in question is Patrick Vieira who kicked an Everton supporter violently, came to provoke him and insult him on the lawn after an invasion of the field.

10. Adil Rummy – Referees, you are part of our family… like a mother-in-law, or an ex-mother-in-law. Or even an ex. Because against Clermont, I had the impression that it was Pamela (Anderson, son ex-girlfriend, editor’s note) who was refereeing me. (UNFP Trophies, 05/15/2022)

when the one-man show of the central defender troyen?

It is with this statement that the Top Statements of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!


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