“Top Chef is a constant emotional lifter!”

Top Chef 2022 finalist Louise Bourrat gives us her impressions a few hours before the verdict. Check out his interview.

[Mis à jour le 15 juin 2022 à 07h32] It’s the last straight line ! Louise Bourrat is one of the two finalists of Top Chef season 13 and will face Arnaud during a final test, where everyone will have to prepare a gastronomic menu for the volunteers of the Red Cross and the members of the jury.

A few hours before the final verdict, The Women’s Journal had the chance to talk with Louisa, the most creative candidate of this season 13 of Top Chef. The young chef based in Portugal assigned herself to her adventure, her feelings, his brigade leader Hélène Darroze and the qualities of his final opponent, Arnaud.

Louise’s interview by Le Journal des Femmes

Why did you want to participate in the Top Chef show?
In fact, it was a combination of circumstances… Let’s say that several signs pushed me to do it. I registered in 2020, during confinement. At that time, it was complicated for all restaurants. I was not called back until last year and I was no longer sure I wanted to do so because my establishment was off to a good start, but Michel Sarran happened to come and eat in my restaurant. While talking, he told me to take my chance, which I did… And I didn’t think I would go that far!

How did you experience this season?
It was magical ! We find ourselves in these incredible kitchens working with other candidates who are just as crazy and passionate, but also very different. Some events were a bit far-fetched but pushed my creativity. On the other hand, Top Chef is also a difficult adventure. It’s a constant emotional uplifter! We go from pressure to joy, fear… Mentally it’s difficult, especially since we were all confined. We do not see our loved ones, we sleep little, the days are sometimes very long, you have to be well suspended!

What was your first thought when you learned that you had been selected as a finalist?
I was a bit shocked! I wondered how I had managed to get there (laughs).

What was the most memorable event for you?
That of Mike Bagale where I imagined the edible tablecloth with chicken. It’s a subject that we had had a long time in advance and nothing came to mind. The blank page! In a hurry, I finally imagined this dish which surprised everyone, I was really happy.

And the most unpleasant ordeal?
Pierre Gagnaire’s meringue challenge. Frankly, I had a hard time because I didn’t understand the subject and on the other hand, I absolutely didn’t want to plant myself in front of such a chef!

What was the best advice from your team leader Hélène Darroze?
To trust me, both in ideas and in tastes. She often told me to stop cooking with my head but to follow my heart and my instincts.

In your opinion, what makes Arnaud a formidable opponent for this final?
His biggest advantage is that he is used to managing a large team and preparing large quantities. It’s his daily job! Me, I don’t have as much experience and I think I’m more naive. I knew he was going to have a modeled menu for this event and I didn’t.

Louise’s biography

Would you then like to know more about Louise, finalist of Top Chef season 13? Check out his biography below.

What is the career of Louise Bourrat?

Louise Bourrat is a traveling cook. Trained in France in starred restaurants in Lyon at Alain Ducasse, the young woman quickly packed her bags to travel the world. She notably learned a lot in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Thailand and India. She also made a stint with Daniel Boulud in London. Today, his kitchen is integrated by these many trips.

Where is his restaurant?

Louise Bourrat is the chef of the restaurant At Boubou’sin Lisbon, directed by his brother Alexis, himself owner and restaurant manager. Behind the pretty green facade, we discover a counter open to the kitchen and a magnificent central patio. This gourmet restaurant located in a quiet little alley in the Principe Real district is open only for dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday. In Top Chef, Louise Bourrat explains that after experiencing a few disappointments in the kitchen, her brigade is now made up only of women.

At the house of At Boubou, Louise Bourrat offers a authentic and exotic gastronomy. The tasting menu is a real invitation to travel with dishes as varied as cod confit, chorizo ​​aioli, seaweed and yuzu; beef tongue, sauerkraut, scarmoza and horseradish; oysters with garlic butter and borage; ceviche of sweet potatoes, kefir and Thai spices or octopus with Spanish sauce to share.

Where can I find Louise Bourrat’s Instagram page?

Would you then like to know more about Louise Bourrat, her universe, her dishes and her restaurant in Lisbon? Go to her Instagram page, where the young woman regularly shares mouth-watering photos!

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