Top 14: Castres Olympique in the final after their victory against Stade Toulousain (24-18)

the essential
The two neighboring teams clashed, this Friday evening, June 17, in the semi-final of the French championship in Nice.

The movie of the game

2nd minute: the Stade Toulousain players start with a bang and Matthis Lebel manages to flatten in the in-goal: served at the end of the line, the winger manages to take the interval with speed, resists two tackles, and goes materialize between the poles (5-0).

44th minute: in a very small space, tearing away, the Uruguayan scrum-half of CO Santiago Arata manages to flatten on the line of the Toulouse in-goal (14-10).

47th minute: immediate response from Toulouse. Game reversed on the left side and Romain Ntamack took the opportunity to escape, to score in a corner (16-15).

77th minute: the knockout try registered by the CO. Passes at the foot of Urdapilleta towards Nakosi. Relay inside with Dumora who can quietly flatten (24-18).

The turning point of the match: the two yellow cards of Stade Toulousain

Rory Arnold (hard game) and Julien Marchand (anti-game) were both successively excluded temporarily excluded 21st and 38th minutes. Thus, the Toulouse have evolved to 14 against 15 during, cumulative, 30 minutes. Prejudicial, the “Red and Black” cashing the first Castres try in the 44th…

The final

It is therefore the Castres who will try to glean the shield of Brennus, Friday June 24, at the Stade de France. Against which opponent? Answer on Saturday evening, after the second semi-final between Montpellier and Bordeaux-B├Ęgles.

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