Tim Cook gives news of augmented reality at Apple

Augmented reality was one of the major absentees from the WWDC keynote and, more generally, from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Oh, the manufacturer has sown small pebbles with several video sessions around the technologies of ARKit 6, the USD format or even RoomPlan to quickly digitize a room.

But it’s true that there hasn’t been an announcement that would give the same idea of ​​Apple’s overall project – if we suspect that it’s about preparing the ground for the future mixed reality headset and , later, to glasses. In an interview at China DailyTim Cook in one says more on the subject than during the whole of WWDC.

Obviously, the boss of Apple has not announced anything stunning, contenting himself with reserving his usual excited speech on augmented reality. He added, however, that “ the important thing of any technology, including augmented reality, is to put the human at the heart. And that’s what we focus on every day “.

Tim Cook recalls the existence of ” over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store, enabling augmented reality experiences for millions of people around the world “. But as everyone could have felt, holding their iPhone at arm’s length or even worse, their iPad may not be practical. ” We are still at the very beginning of the evolution of this technology “, he agrees while advising to” stay tuned “.

The latest rumors announce that the mixed reality headset would be entitled to a special event next January, with a launch more or less planned before June.

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