Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea) has “no regrets” and says he is “proud” of his players

Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea coach, beaten by Liverpool on penalties in the FA Cup final): “As in the League Cup final, I have no regrets, I told the team that I was proud of them. Coming here, we were sure to be competitive and able to make life difficult for Liverpool. We did it. We struggled for the first 15 minutes but we were excellent the rest of the game. We went 0-0 against the most dangerous attacking team in the world. Also had a lot of chances.

We still have goals to achieve in the Premier League, life goes on and it reached Stamford Bridge on Thursday (against Leicester). It will be a little harder than if we had a trophy and the confidence of a big victory […] The results of the season will depend a lot on the last two games. We reached two Cup finals. You can never promise wins, just put in passion, commitment and play hard and you can settle for it. »


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