This striking lookalike of Kate Middleton panics the social networks

People and royalty

An Australian woman is making the buzz thanks to her resemblance to the Duchess.

Coming soon The crown ? Brittany Dixon, a young Australian, finds herself almost despite herself in a media whirlwind that attracts the attention of the British tabloids. While the Netflix series devoted to the royal family is looking for its Kate Middleton for the 6th season, her name is obvious.

” I’m flattered “

The reason is very simple: this painter looks like two drops of water to the Duchess of Cambridge. ” I’ve been told for a few years that I look like her. I tended to ignore those remarks, but it’s really crazy how many times I could hear it… I love it, because it’s Kate is someone I look up to. So yes, of course I’m flattered! », she named on the Australian talk show Karl and Ally. In recent days, Internet users have been full of praise for this ” spitting image ” of Prince William’s wife.

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