this search for French people on Google has jumped 1,000%

Apparently, friends, hairdressers and shrinks aren’t enough anymore. When they ask themselves fundamental questions about the most complex feeling in the world, love, the French also question our digital God to all: Google.

A blog post from the search engine, published in April, tells us that fact surprising: in one year, between April 2021 and April 2022, the request “How do you know if you’re in love?” would have jumped 1,000% according to the knowledge from Google Data.

(Between parentheses, this request seems quite surprising to us. It is enough to analyze the tingling of the little butterflies in the belly to measure the intensity of his feelings.)

Be that as it may, we followed the lead of thousands of French people by typing the same query into Google. The landing strip was unexpected: we arrive on a file on the site, as if love were a disease (Michel Sardou was perhaps right). We give you the passage that seemed the most relevant to us:

“To be in love is to feel, both physically and psychologically, one’s love: ‘butterflies in the belly’; dreams about the other; thoughts at any time of the day; plans common interests; a positive outlook on life; increased self-confidence.”

Going back to Google’s blog post, here are the other questions that have occupied the French:

  • “How to say I love you without saying it” : +58%
  • “When will I see love again?” +310%
  • “Bio Tinder Funny” : +15%
  • “Successful first date sign” : +69%

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