This free application allows you to have one of the best functions of Google Pixel on any mobile

The “It’s Playing” feature is one of the most popular and highly rated features of Google Pixel phones. And now you can have it on any mobile without root.

Since its introduction in 2017’s Google Pixel 2, the “Now Playing” or “It’s play” feature has become one of the most popular and loved by Google phone users. Thanks to it, it is possible to know at all times which songs are revolving around us, thanks to a detection system integrated into the device itself, which does not even need an Internet connection to work.

Like many Pixel-exclusive features, Now Playing was never offered to other device manufacturers. However, developers around the world have tried to come up with similar solutions. Now one of those developers has managed to create the best adaptation yet.

Its name is Ambient Music Mod, and it’s a free and open-source app created by developer Kieron Quinn, which brings the Pixel’s “It’s Playing” feature to any Android device as well.

Ambient Music Mod brings the Pixel’s “Now Playing” feature to any mobile.

Now Playing, available on any Android thanks to Ambient Music Mod

Until now, Ambient Music Mod was available through an Xposed-Magisk module, and therefore, a rooted device was required to use the app. Starting from version 2, Ambient Music Mod is available without root on any mobile running Android 12 or above.

To work, Ambient Music Mod requires the use of Shizuku, a free application that allows you to grant advanced permissions to applications installed on the device, via ADB.

Once installed, the app requires certain permissions to work. When fully configured, the Now Playing module offers features such as access to the most recent database of songs and artists found on Pixel devices with Now Playing, automatic song detection, or the ability to ‘ ‘Show song name and your artist on the lock screen, just like on Pixel devices.

This free application allows you to have one of the best functions of Google Pixel on any mobile

In our testing, we found Ambient Music Mod’s song recognition to be nearly as accurate as Now Playing on a Google Pixel device. We were able to set up and run the app in minutes on several mobile phones from different brands, including Xiaomi and realme models.

The app is completely free and open source. The APK file can be downloaded through the GitHub repository from the link that we leave below these lines.

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