Third IRGC officer declared dead in a week in Iran

A lieutenant of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps died in northwestern Iran on June 15, an obituary posted and shared on social media attests.

Wahab Premarzian was an officer in the Aerospace Division of the Guardian Corps; he would have died in the city of Maragheh.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has not commented on the death.

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The mysterious deaths of Iranians linked to military projects have multiplied in recent days.

Two members of the IRGC, who also serve in the aerospace division, died as “martyrs” in Iran in separate incidents over the weekend, Iranian media reported on Monday. This term is generally attributed to people in charge of important missions.

An unidentified source told UK-based opposition outlet Iran International that Ali Kamani and Mohammad Abdous were “developing weapons” for Iran-backed Hezbollah and that the two men “don’t were not killed in accidents,” as Iranian media reported.

The deaths amid heightened tensions over Iran’s deadlocked nuclear deal with world powers and its never-ending uranium enrichment program. as close to military grade levels. While authorities have offered no foul play in the men’s deaths, Israel has been accused of killing other high-ranking members of the Guard amid the growing crisis.

Israelis have been warned by the government to refrain from traveling to or exercise caution in Istanbul, Turkey, for fear that Iranian agents will try to avenge the alleged killings by abducting or killing Israelis .

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