They mix cultures through cooking

The France bnvolat association organizes a cooking workshop for people exiled in France. Just to find points that bring them closer.

Seven different nationalities were gathered around the same table, this Thursday, June 9 at the youth hostel in Poitiers. In the kitchen, Anne, Sabrina and the other cooks of the day are busy. They all take part in the Tmoign’ges Croiss project of the France bnvolat association. A project of intercultural encounter around migrant people. And a good sent.

The dishes, Chinese ravioli, plantains, and herb omelette, reflect the diversity of origin of their cooks. Each introduces the others to the specialties of their culture. a pleasure to share with others, laughs Anne, the Cameroonian chef. She has lived in France for 10 years and divides her time between different associations.

These initiatives are hyper

Initiatives like this are extremely valuable, encourage Rima Hassan. Founder of the Observatory of refugee camps, she is the godmother of France bnvolat. They allow us all to find ourselves as similar. We must relearn how to value migration. These are people who come with their culture. When we welcome them, we must also learn how to approach these people. It is only like that that we will make society. Dominique Nevo, from France bnvolat, approved: There are a lot of changes around the kitchen.
The workshop ended with a meal with members of the association. It concluded the seven intergenerational and intercultural meetings of the project.

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