These designers at the service of the table

If the chefs have acquired notoriety beyond the culinary sphere, the same is true for the interior designers who are gradually drawing the new contours of the restaurant. Together, they reinvest this codified space and imagine conceptual and friendly places.

Interior designers have never been so popular with chefs. This creative tandem transposes their emotions into an artistic synergy. The restaurant, a space for reconnecting with oneself and with others, is being taken over by young chefs who do not hesitate to reinvent it with the support of designers ready to put their expertise at the service of innovative ideas. From the seat to the plate, zoom on two Parisian addresses recently deleted.

At L’Orgueil, walls clad in cedar wood, tables in travertine or Luana marble, wall lights in plaster and banquettes covered in Pierre Frey or Dedar fabrics. – ©DR

alter ego

In the 11th arrondissement, the golden triangle of Parisian bistronomy, the young chef Eloi Spinnler inaugurated his very first address last April, called Orgueil. For the occasion, not one but two catering concepts have been developed with, on one side, the room where you can find tapas and dishes to share and, on the other, a speakeasy-style gastronomic table installed in the heart from the chef’s kitchen. Specifications ? Rearrange the place to create two distinct spaces. A mission that Delphine Versace and Virginie Friedmann, interior designers, took on with panache. In a poetic narrative approach, they managed to translate the sin of Pride not without humor and finesse by opting for a game of texture and excess.

Floor treated in terrazzo and ornamental fresco by the illustrator Elsa Blondeaux.
Floor treated in terrazzo and ornamental fresco by illustrator Elsa Blondeaux. – ©DR
Hall of the Orgueil bistronomic restaurant.
Hall of the Orgueil bistronomic restaurant. – ©DR

They draw their inspiration from English literature, by installing a two-way mirror, a reference to Lewis Caroll’s tale, to divide the restaurant. Following their discussions, the trio imagined an immersive environment: the walls are dressed in cedar wood to bring a warm atmosphere and, on the ceiling, two frescoes by the illustrator Elsa Blondeaux with a Symbolist bestiary invite guests to contemplation. while the card comes in the form of a playful tarot game. To perfect this scenography, the chef and the architecture studio are installing large benches for more conviviality. The strength of Orgueil lies in its ability to combine gastronomic agreements and allegorical decorations.

Pride, 6, rue Popincourt, Paris 11e.

Chef Mallory Gabsi and architect Arnaud Behzadi.
Chef Mallory Gabsi and architect Arnaud Behzadi. – © Matthieu Salvaing

Serendipity, the beauty of chance

At 25, Mallory Gabsi made her dream come true by opening her own establishment. The young Belgian chef thus invests the Ternes district in Paris and signs a cuisine in his image: ambitious and promising. He gave carte blanche to Arnaud Behzadi, architect and interior designer, in the realization of this project. A meeting all in fluidity and confidence around their respective universe. Despite a generation of difference, the chef and the architect have been able to find bridges to create a coherent space where everyone expresses themselves in perfect alchemy with their own lexicon. Between emotion and design, there is only one step.

Bench in saffron velvet, tables in Roman travertine and suspensions designed by AB in white travertine and brass.
Bench in saffron velvet, tables in Roman travertine and suspensions designed by AB in white travertine and brass. – © Matthieu Salvaing
Alcove nestled behind the arch, aged mirrored ceiling.
Alcove nestled behind the arch, aged mirrored ceiling. – © Matthieu Salvaing

Iranian by origin, Arnaud Behzadi feeds on the flavors of his childhood in the layout of this restaurant. With saffron as his inspiration, he endows this place with a warm golden color. Mallory Gabsi also uses her influences and manages to integrate turquoise, her totem color, into the decoration with happy random touches on the bronze columns obtained by oxidation. No wall is left bare, coating work has been carried out in order to place the culinary experience in a bespoke enveloping setting. The mirrors bring transparency and depth to the reception room while the rounded corners accompany the movement throughout the service. The art of the table is not to be outdone, the duo opts for the creations of ceramists like Léa Soumali which they associate with Christofle cutlery, classic and timeless. The kitchen is central and open to the room, a moving and dynamic scenography that makes the uniqueness of the place.

Mallory Gabsi, 28, rue des Acacias, Paris 17e.

Charlotte Merlet

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