these candidates file a complaint after the passage of Philippe Etchebest…

Torn sisters, finally reconciled

Philippe Etchebest’s job is obviously to advise on the cuisine offered in the restaurant. He also gives his opinion on the organization and decoration. Even better, he does a job close to that of a psychologist during his visit to the restaurants he has to help. The leader realizes very quickly the relational problems that exist between the different members of a company.

He is probably not about to forget the three sisters, Mélanie, Mylène and Séverine. They work together, but the relationship is torn. There is no chemistry, no connection, especially between Mélanie and her two other sisters. The job of the chef is then to make sure that they find each other. And he got there, as Mélanie points out in an interview with Télé Loisirs:

Today it goes better with my [sœurs]. The show has helped us a lot. There are exchanges that we don’t see on the air, but when the leader spoke to all 3 of us, on the show it lasted ten minutes when in reality it lasted 2 hours. We had received a message from our mom asking us to stop tearing ourselves apart. Inevitably, these are striking words that shock us, that we keep in mind and that push us to change.“.

The season started very well in April-May. We manage to get out like this – with Mylène in the dining room, me in the kitchen and Séverine in accounting – and I hope this will happen for a long time to come“.

The sisters file a complaint

Their participation in 2020, the sisters have managed to live with their activity. Philippe Etchebest a restaurant saved them. However, all is not rosy, as Mélanie reveals in the same interview:

Two years later, we are still open, with a lot of passages. There are still jealous people who leave us bad reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, saying that it’s inedible, disgustingand that we should be ashamed of having done Cauchemar in the kitchen, when they never came to eat there…”

She is aware that these are not real opinions. Simply words left by “trolls”: “ We are even criticized on our physique. These are fake accounts. We notice it by downloading on the profile, often there is only one subscriber… »

But the critics sometimes go much too far: We were told that we could go jump off a bridge, do plastic surgery… It was very, very far. Of course, we lodged a complaint with the police. But we knew it would be dismissed and it is. Now we live with it, it doesn’t affect us anymore“.

Philippe Etchebest never came back to see them

You sometimes wonder if the chef is going back to the restaurants he saved to see if the managers are holding up. If they continue to follow his valuable advice. Mélanie gives us the answer concerning them: “ He never came back. Besides, people always ask me the question! We asked him to come see us, but we still don’t have an answer.“.

It must be said that the leader has a minister’s schedule. Since beyond the filming of the show Cauchemar en cuisine, which takes up his time, he is also at the head of other programs. He is obviously part of the Top Chef jury. And it doesn’t stop there. He has his own show to find the future great chef of tomorrow: Objectif Top Chef.

And if he is a man of television, his professional life is not only in front of the cameras. Philippe Etchebest also has his own restaurant. It’s no wonder he’s struggling to find the time to go see the restaurateurs he’s managed to get out of the crisis..

It would be interesting to see a Cauchemar en Cuisine broadcast solely dedicated to the restaurateurs who participated in the program. Viewers could see those who stuck it out, and those who failed to continue the adventure, even after the leader passed.

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