The Voice 2022, the final: the big winner of the sacred season after a crazy evening!

The grand finale of The voice took place this Saturday, May 21, 2022. After intense weeks of competition, the five remaining Talents of the show competed live, namely vike (Amel Bent team), nour (Florent Pagny team), Mr Matt (Vianney team), carolina (Marc Lavoine team) and Loris (drafted by Nolwenn Leroy). All had the opportunity to defend themselves with a first solo song then a second, in duet with one of the guest artists of the first: Angèle, Bigflo & Oli, Slimane, Christophe Willem and Mentissa.

At the end of this colorful evening, it was Nour who won. Florent Pagny is therefore the winning coach of this edition and thus wins his fifth trophy!

It’s on the song Be up to it by Emmanuel Moire that the Talents made their introduction, accompanied at the end by their respective coaches and facing Nikos Aliagas, back after being absent in the semi-final.



Nour is the first to have performed. Three years after participating in children of the voice at the age of 13, the pretty teenager of today 16 years has achieved an impressive journey since her debut. However, the candidate left with a disadvantage since she met a voice problem just after the semi-final. She has been banned from singing in recent days. It is therefore with great apprehension that she appeared on stage to interpret Shadow by Lady Gaga. But, already a great professional that she is, Nour has shown great mastery, stringing together the difficult notes one by one. Something to make his coach Florent Pagny very proud. “I am impressed, nature has given it what it makes of it. It’s extraordinary what she does, she has everything. Her voice hurts but she does the performance anyway“, he admitted to her.

Nour then had the opportunity to sing with Slimane, who emerged victorious from The voice in 2016 in Florent Pagny’s team and who has been pursuing a successful career ever since. They took over Before you that the young dad usually performs with his accomplice Vitaa. At the end of their performance, the two candidates presented a platinum disc to their beloved coach who was in good shape despite his fight against lung cancer.



Amel Bent fought to have her on her team at the start of the adventure and has since led her to discover new facets. Step by step, Vike activated a magical progression, each time overwhelming in his coach. For his solo song, Vike bet on the tube of Dalila, die on stage. A song very far from his universe but which ultimately does not distort the person he is. The emotion was at its height. “I want to say ‘thank you’ for this confidence given from the start. It’s a gift for me. Our hearts have merged because of what you sing and how you sing it“, commented Amel Bent who had tears in his eyes throughout his performance.

Vike shared the stage with successful and award-winning singer Angèle. They pushed their voices on your queen taken from the first album of the magnificent Belgian. A beautiful and captivating moment of emotion. “To have Vike with Angèle is crazy. There is something that comes from elsewhere, wonderful. It feels like you’ve been singing together forever“, judged Amel Bent, very touched.



The dean of the season would never have thought of arriving at this stage of the competition. And yet, he proved to the public that there was a place for him with his captivating blues universe. The 43-year-old candidate is somewhat out of his comfort zone for the final by resuming When the music is good by Jean-Jacques Goldman but always with his own little touch and above all his deep and hoarse voice recognizable by all. He managed to put an atmosphere of madness in the public, making everyone dance, even the coaches. “I am very proud to have been assimilated with him during this adventure. He’s everything I want to be in this business : to be who we are, not to cheat. I loved what you did Mat, bravo my old man!“, a Vianney released, won over by his performance.

Mister Mat then sang with Mentissa, Vianney’s protege in the previous season of The voice. She also made it to the final and despite her defeat, the young woman has now built up a fine career. That they form a duo therefore makes perfect sense for their common coach. Together they performed And bam, his tube written by Vianney. “I am very touched by all of this. I have a history with both. I’m very lucky here nowt”, he articulated with difficulty, almost to the point of crying.



Caroline made a successful comeback in The voice after several years of absence to take care of her daughter Talia (3 years old). Years that have not marred his great talent, already revealed in 2008 in Incredible talent. She continued to unleash the full power of her voice for the finale by covering Without you by Mariah Carey. His accuracy and mastery in an impression more than one. “It’s very simple, it’s magnificent, you embody the songs. I think you are doing an incredible job, thank you for choosing me. You are marvelous“, reported Marc Lavoine to his protegee.

Caroline also sang with Christophe Willem on Jacques said, one of his greatest titles and written by Zazie. The evening seemed like a deja vu for the singer who had himself won a tele-hook several years earlier, namely The New Star in 2006. “I didn’t think it would be so beautiful“, dropped Marc Lavoine, seduced by this obvious duo.



Nolwenn Leroy was also part of the party to close this season of The voice. After having ensured her role as surprise coach by drafting four candidates at the start of the adventure, she had found competition for the semi-final. At that time, she had the opportunity to save someone from elimination and her choice fell on Loris, “his belief from the start“. Indeed, it was natural for Nolwenn Leroy to give the young man a chance, whom she had already fished out for the first time after the blind auditions. It is therefore thanks to her that he found himself in the final and that he was able to sing on the title of Eminem, his “living legend”, You lose. “This adventure started badly but mom good fairy was there“, attributed after the fact Loris, whose performance was amazed.

Loris formed a duo with the brothers Bigflo and Oli. Two personalities whom the candidate greatly admires. They sang on On the moon. “I couldn’t have wished for better for Loris, on a master class assisted by a. It’s a gift they gave you tonight“, rejoiced Nolwenn Leroy.


nour (Florent Pagny’s team) and Mr Matt were voted by the public to be the season’s super finalists. They then interpreted a last song on the occasion of a final duel at the top. Nour sang Vole by Celine Dion. Mr. Mat, for his part, gave everything on I love her to death by Francis Cabrel.


Viewers were then assigned Victory at Nour ! The 16-year-old candidate obtained 51.2% of the votes.

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