The universal charger, too little for Apple

Fifteen years that Europe was waiting to be able to cut the cord. After using its lobbyists in Brussels and playing with the patience of the European Commission, Apple lost, on Tuesday June 7, one of its emblematic fights. From the fall of 2024, the chargers for its phones and iPads – in 2026 for MacBooks – will have to be compatible with the USB type C port. Already adopted by most manufacturers, this universal charger, with slightly rounded edges, Should be imposed on all devices for ecological reasons.

Activist, the firm of Tim Cook? Armies of lawyers, lobbyists and hours of hearings have not got the better of the Commission’s stubbornness. This ban, which still has to be approved by MEPs at the start of the summer, marks above all a change of tone in Brussels. “Let’s say it clearly, if Apple wants to market its products, we will have to respect our rules”, tapped the European Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton.

“closed garden”

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