The strategy of media that emerges and performs on TikTok

Find out how the different media present on digital manage to emerge and build a strong community on the application of the moment TikTok.

It’s no longer a secret that the short video application TikTok is now the most popular platform of the moment. TikTok has launched in over 150 countries and has 1 billion monthly active users across the globe. France is the country where the application has experienced the strongest growth in 2020, thanks to containment, with a 35% increase in monthly active users.

A rise in power that provided the various French publishers and media such as Konbini, Melty, Brut, Ouais!, Topito, Break, HugoDécrypte, etc… For the JDN, I analyzed the strategies that were adopted in order to perform on the social network. Discover the 6 most important tips to develop your notoriety as a publisher.


Screenshot TikTok @HugoDecrypte

It is the reference to find the daily news summary in just 1 minute or less. A format embodied by itself with its own codes: a catchphrase “Hi everyone, it’s Hugo” which has also become iconic on TikTok and is part of the DNA that helps it to perform. Added to this is a ‘call to action’ at the end of all his videos to encourage viewers to subscribe to his account. In addition, his community was recently able to discover a new format that still uses the same codes, but this time embodied by his team, a strategy that seems to be working, as he has more than 2 million subscribers on his profile today.

This new format makes it possible to post more videos and to adapt to the algorithm of the platform.


Screenshot TikTok @BrutOfficiel

Mainly aimed at young people, Brut is mainly broadcast on social networks and in video format. He holds second place on TikTok with his more than 1.8 million subscribers on his French account. News, decryptions and interviews are on the agenda.

The media adopts a strategy with different formats. Short content that summarizes the news in a voiceover, interviews of all kinds and extracts from reports from their BrutX streaming platform. In addition, the media is very present live, especially during the Cannes Film Festival, official partner of TikTok and Brut.

Yeah !

Screenshot TikTok @Yeah / @YeahMedia

Created in 2019, the French infotainment media “Ouais!” ranks among the favorites among young people with its nearly one million total subscribers on TikTok. Its success on the platform? A well-established strategy, with two profiles and a diversification of the content posted.

On the one hand, a first profile with legendary news videos and accompanied by a voiceover.

On the other hand, a second profile with short, captioned and clearly chosen humorous content so that the soundtrack becomes a “trend” as shown by this audio track, which has been used almost 8000 times and in particular by great creators like Diego Ferez (1.6 million subscribers), Emilie Talk (1.1 million subscribers), Shera Kerienski (1.3 million subscribers), Juste Zoé (960 thousand subscribers) and still others.

With both profiles, the media can post up to ten videos per day.


Screenshot TikTok @Konbini

The French entertainment media created in 2008 is a reference on the platform with its strong celebrity content and poignant interviews with strangers.

Konbini’s strategy on TikTok? Interview the strongest personalities of the moment, mixed with testimonials from strangers in a colourful, authentic, simple and sometimes funny format. The publisher does not hesitate to create its own video and live challenges.

Konbini can share up to 5 videos per day with its more than 900 thousand subscribers.

To break

Screenshot TikTok @BreakMedia

Initially created on TikTok by the French women’s ready-to-wear brand Don’t Call Me Jennyfer, Break is the 100% TikTok media to find the creators of the platform around entertaining games: pranks, pros and cons, google lyrics and yet other humorous formats are on the program.

A content strategy based solely on the embodiment of concepts by content creators who are already present and listed on TikTok. Cut into several parts, a single video makes it possible to make at least three parts, a positive signal for the algorithm which does not fail to highlight the content.


Screenshot TikTok @TopitoComedy / @TopitoInterview / @TopitoAcademy

Topito is a French infotainment media specializing in the production of rankings of all kinds. Present on TikTok with more than 200 thousand subscribers in total, the media has adapted a strategy in several profiles: one specialized in sketches and memes, another for interviews and another for educational purposes.

A method for this medium to be seen by several niches with short, funny and educational content that generates a lot of interactions.

The 6 fundamental tips to perform as a media:

  • define a real brand image
  • make short, creative and original content.
  • add engaging captions and texts to make the user watch the video till the end or even multiple times.
  • Follow trends using the right targeted hashtags.
  • create your own trends (hashtags or audios)
  • publish regularly

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