The Skype Extension For Google Chrome Lets You Access Skype For The Web And More!

Skype is arguably one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. Personally, I’ve been addicted to Skype since I graduated from Yahoo Messenger a few years ago and since then I haven’t looked back. The only problem right now is that Skype hogs computing resources, especially if you’re using a low-end device, and the app tends to slow down your startup process as well. Skype recently updated the extension and I was thrilled. The very first thought that crossed my mind is that I will be able to use Skype through the Chrome browser.

Skype Extension for Google Chrome

Well, after installing the app, it was pretty obvious that not everything was perfect. For starters, the extension cannot be used to make the video call and therefore cannot be used as an alternative to the main app. The extension primarily revolves around integrating Skype with online tools you use regularly, including calendars, email, and even social media. Moreover, with the extension, you can simply insert Skype call links with one click in the email, calendar item and also tweets. For context, the Skype extension already comes with features like integration with your browser, webpage sharing options, and one-click launch of Skype.


It should also be provided that connecting to the Skype extension was not an easy task, especially for me, I used my regular Skype connection but the extension kept telling me that it was not working. wasn’t valid all the time I could log into my Skype. As a last resort, I used my Facebook credentials to log in and voila.

Skype Extension for Chrome Browser lets you access Skype for Web, create an AMA session on Twitter, provide Skype links in emails, and share on Skype through your browser.

Creating and sending Skype privileges via email

Those of us who regularly use Skype have the need for integration with other services. For example, I still use my Gmail account to send Skype call details and now with the extension I can just add a Skype link while composing emails so the recipient can just tap the link and join a call.

Create and send Skype call links from Google or Outlook

Skype 2

All of our appointments are logged on the calendar and most of the time we compose a separate letter with the details of the Skype call. However, from now on you can just click on an existing appointment from Google or Outlook and simply share it via automated email, which I have to accept works like a charm.

Twitter integration

Skype 3

This is one of the best features if you have a big fan following you like on Twitter or if you want to host your webinars on Twitter. Skype users can simply add a call link for “Ask Me Anything” or maybe an open meeting while they’re composing the Tweet. What happens next is that anyone can authorize or ask questions by simply clicking on the AMA link, much like it works with Reddit. The bottom line is that the Skype extension is indeed utility, but it cannot replace the main Skype app, however, both apps work fine in guesswork.

You can download it from the Chrome Store.

Is there a Skype extension for Chrome?

Yes, you can download the official Skype extension for Google Chrome. Whether you use Windows, macOS, or any other operating system, you can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. All the options, features and facilities are given in the article, and you can read them carefully to know more about the extension.

You can add the Skype extension to the Google Chrome browser from the official repository. A download link has been provided below, and you can click on this link to download the extension. Alternatively, you can open the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension to get the same.

Skype Extension for Google Chrome

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