The set of 4 Apple AirTags is under the 100 € mark

The set of 4 Apple Airtags at a reduced price on Amazon – Amazon

How do AirTags work?

“But, it’s not true, where did I put my keys again?” Every day the same question that you consistently come across late. Well with AirTags, all that is over. These small, ultra-compact Bluetooth trackers allow you to find your most precious objects in less than 10 seconds.

How does it work? You put one in your bag, on your phone or your keyring, in short, the object you don’t want to lose sight of. Thanks to ultra-wideband frequency technology, AirTags allow you to locate your belongings to within 30 cm. If despite everything you can’t get your hands on an object, it is always possible to find the AirTag that corresponds to it in the Locate application on any Apple device (iPhone, Mac, iPad). Big advantage: the AirTag does not give the last known position of the object, but its real position. So we are sure to look in the right place. This smart tracker emits a sound when you approach it. It’s like playing hot or cold with a little extra help.

Where to find cheap AirTags in Belgium?

It is on Amazon that Apple AirTags are displayed at the best price. Sold by 4, they are available at 95 € instead of 119 € , i.e. an immediate reduction of €24. Thanks to AirTags, all your lost items can be geolocated for a very long time. These connected trackers work with a battery that largely passes the year of life.

Click here to take advantage of Apple’s AirTags offer on Amazon

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