The sauces of life: at Maxan, cuisine and setting at the top!

In his brasserie Maxan in Lasnois, Maxime Giannini offers a menu as attractive as the setting in which it is served…

In the outskirts of Brussels, in the heart of Walloon Brabant, Lasne is certainly not the place where life is the most unpleasant… The bucolic environment and the charming topography bring an undeniable visual “plus” to any outdoor activity. and this is particularly true for establishments that have a terrace or a garden.

It is precisely in this spirit that I want to talk to you this Sunday about a little pearl that I discovered on Thursday evening and where my partner and I had a simply delicious time. The house is called Maxan. This name is the contraction of the first name of the founder, Maxime Giannini and that of a friend of his.

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