The “Rouget Barbet” and the “Rouget Grondin”, in the kitchen!

This morning, we welcomed chef Christophe Beucher, and Hélène Blécic, second, from the gastronomic restaurant “Ôde Marine” in Bourg-de-Péage, and Mickael Coutin, the fishmonger “d’Effet’Mer” in Bourg de Péage. (in a brand new shop, on the border between Châteauneuf-sur-Isère and Bourg-de-Péage)

We cooked Rouget, Christophe is indeed a chef specializing in cooking fish, seafood and other shellfish…

So, which Rouget to choose? The Barbet or the Grondin? And for which recipe?

Listen to the show HERE and find:

  • The recipe by Hélène Blécic: grilled red mullet fillets, served in Bouillabaisse juice with Barigoule artichokes.
  • Recipes by Christophe Beucher: Carpaccio de Rouget Grondin and the recipe for red mullet Brabets in Bouillabaisse, Rouille sauce with foie de Rouget Barbets.

Christophe also gave us his knack for making a delicious frying of small fish.

And on the occasion of the approaching Mother’s Day, “Ôde Marine” offers you a special “Mother’s Day” menu on Sundays May 22 and 29, by reservation.

Franck, Christophe Beucher, Hélène Blécic and Mickael Coutin ©Radio France
Frank Daumas
A plate of red mullet-shrimp terrine in Valence (Drôme).
A plate of red mullet-shrimp terrine in Valence (Drôme). ©Radio France
Frank Daumas

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